LÈΩ offers the following R&D technical consultancy services:

  • End-to-end technical management of A&D projects from conceptual design to flight model qualification
  • Definition of design & development plan
  • Definition of Assembly & Integration plan
  • Definition of BoM, procurement management of hi-rel parts, definition of procurement specifications, part-level screening & qualification testing
  • Definition of detailed test plan for any test campaign type from component to system: prototype evaluation, qualification model testing, proto-flight or flight model testing
  • Definition of detailed test procedures for evaluation, qualification or acceptance/PFM-level testing; radiation testing, thermal vacuum testing, mechanical testing
  • Facilitate access to qualified test houses for the execution of the test campaign
  • Execution & supervision of the test campaign
  • Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) plan compliant to relevant standards & specifications (e.g. Telcordia, MIL, NSA, ECSS, etc).   


LÈΩ's founder has been the Technical Manager of a number of successful ESA and EC-funded R&D programmes delivering technical planning and end-to-end Assembly, Integration & Test (AIT) management. Highlights of the relevant space photonics R&D projects are listed below:

  • Development & space assessment of diverse prototype photonic integrated circuits & components/modules including:
    • 1.55 um high-speed, electro-optic modulators for digital & analog transmission
    • High-speed 850 nm multi-mode optical transceivers for optical interconnects
    • 850 nm, high-speed VCSEL & PD arrays 
    • Rad-hard fiber optic cable & pigtail assemblies
    • Rad-hard high-speed VCSEL driver & TIA electronic IC
    • Definition & management of functional, environmental & radiation testing as per the relevant ECSS & MIL standards
  • Development & space qualification of EQM/PFM fiber optic units including:
    • Responsible for the development of the first Erbium-doped space-qualified optical fiber amplifier product for satellite communications
    • Product and AIT management generating the end-to-end product definition, design, manufacturing, assembly, qualification and internal new product introduction (NPI) process of G&H space qualified optical fiber amplifier unit.
    • Procurement management of EEE and photonic hi-rel parts & sub-assemblies
    • Definition of hi-rel process & build assembly
    • Managed successfully relevant internal (APQP) and external (Space-level) review gates (PDR, CDR, TRR/TRB, DRB)
    • Co-ordinated external sub-contractor quality audits.