Company profile

LÈΩ is an ambitious space photonics start-up based in Athens, Greece. Our ambition is to leverage world-leading expertise in photonics and lead European R&D to enable their sustained entry into modern satellite systems in areas of strategic interest such as:

  • high speed inter-satellite laser communications for satellite constellations
  • on-board high-speed digital optical interconnects
  • high capacity photonic payloads
  • miniaturized micro-photonic inertial navigation systems

LÈΩ offers consulting services in the exciting field of space photonics R&D. Our focus is on optical modules, systems, instruments & equipment that rely on photonic integrated circuits or fiber optic components applicable to satellite communications & sensing applications.

LÈΩ provides support in every aspect of a space photonics R&D programme; from its conception, throughout its execution and up to its industrialization phases. In this process, LÈΩ offers access to its rich network of contacts that cover the complete development chain; from chip manufacturers, to module developers, system integrators, equipment vendors and finally to industrial end users.

Company Founder

LÈΩ's founder Dr Leo Stampoulidis brings >15 years of R&D and product development experience in the area of photonic components and systems for space & broadband ICT applications. Dr Stampoulidis has a rich track record in setting-up and leading photonics R&D projects as well as delivering the design, modelling, experimental demonstration and qualification of:

  • Critical laser communication terminal sub-systems, including laser transmitters and optical fiber amplifiiers for Aerospace, Defense and Space
  • High capacity optical transmission systems for free space satellite laser communications as well as long haul terrestrial networks
  • >100G optical interconnects for intra-satellite and avionic fiber optic links 

In 2009, following his PhD in photonic routing systems, Leo co-founded Constelex - a high-tech start-up focusing on the design, development and commercialization of optical fiber amplifiers for A&D & Space. In Constelex he was responsible for the product development of optical fiber amplifiers including definition/modeling of the optical circuit design and definition/execution of the unit assembly, integration and test processes.

In order to fuel the company's R&D roadmap, he authored and held management positions in the following R&D projects: ICT-FP7-GALACTICO (project technical manager), FP7-SPACE-MERMIG (project technical manager) and ESA ARTES 5.2 RAD-EDFA. Following Constelex acquisition by Gooch & Housego (G&H) in 2013, Dr Stampoulidis was appointed as Chief Scientist - Space Photonics working in G&H - Torquay UK. During his time at G&H he was responsible for the transfer of all R&D and production activities from Constelex to G&H. Dr Stampoulidis also led the development of the first G&H space qualified optical fiber amplifier product for satellite communications. Besides being the project leader, he took over the Product and AIT management, leading the end-to-end product definition, design, manufacturing, assembly, qualification and internal new product introduction (NPI) process of G&H space qualified optical fiber amplifier unit, which is today a commercially-available product.

Dr Stampoulidis has extensive experience in authoring and managing collaborative and ESA R&D projects. He was the manager and technical lead of a number of successful ESA-ARTES, ESA/ECI and FP7 projects focusing on: a) Fiber amplifiers and coherent transmission systems for inter-satellite laser communications and satellite to ground links, b) Optical interconnects for high speed intra-satellite links, c) Microwave photonics for intra-satellite communications and d) fiber optic inertial measurement sub-systems.

Dr Stampoulidis has ~100 contributed, invited and post-deadline peer-reviewed publications in IEEE, OSA and SPIE journals and conferences (684 citations, 12 h-index according to researchgate) and is the inventor of three USPTO patents. He is a senior member of IEEE and a member of the ESA Photonics Working Group.